Dear gentlemen!

     “Stankostroytel” (Machine-tool constructor) it a company, the town of Dniepropetrovsk Ukraine for more then 50 years makes woodworking milling machines and lathe approximate list is applied.

     The price of our machines is the lowest in the U&S (the Union of Independent States) the quality of our machines is higher.

     Up to 1991 the plant had sent their tools by way of “Stankoimport” (Machine Import) to 40 countries of the world.

     We offer co-collaboration with firms, which are engaged in out-put any shape of metal production too.

     At present Ltd. (limited) “Machine-tool construction” in its structure:

  • The iron foundry shop, which founds cast-iron mouldings from one kilogram to one ton. Total productivity is about 7000 tons a year;
  • The mechanical and mechanic-erecting shops , which have over 250 machine-tools of various modification;
  • The forge-storing shop. Its area is more 1200 square meters. This shop has equipment in its structure that produces the metal cutting. The depth of metal is from 1 to 20 millimeter thickness and over 100 ton of metal construction can be assembled of it.
  • The erecting areas are over 3000 square metros.
     If you are interested in our co-operation import us about your wish.
     Before we thank you for your answer and we’ll be glad of our co-operation.

     With respected to you Machine-tool constructor (Stankostroytel) Ltd. Company.