1. FSSH-1A
(milling machine with low situated spindle and pin cutting carriage)
Low situated spindle; 4 speeds: 3000-4500-600-9000 rev/min; pin cutting carnage (ron 950mm), max. diameter of cutter 250 mm, power 3,0-5,5 kWt, cast plate.
2. FSSH-3
(milling machine with low situated Spindle, pin cutting carriage. Spindle inclination -5+45; prolong and weidening table arrangement)
Low situated spindle; 4 speeds: (3000-4500-600-9000 rev/min); pin cutting carnage; table size with wide - and prolonging arrangement 1300-2000mm; power 3,2-4.2 kWt.
3. FS-4
(Milling machine with low situated Spindle)
Table size 1000x800 mm; diameter Aength of spindle mouth piece 32mm/200nun; max. vertical run of spindle 100mm; the inclination of spindle-without inclination; rotation frequency of spindle 3000-4500-6000-9000 rev/min; max. diameter of cutting tool 200 mm engine power 4,25 kWt.
4. F-6
(jointing machine)
General table length 2560 mm; quantity of cutter - 4; rotation frequency of spindle 4500 rev/min; adjusting power - 5,5 kWt; max. width of machined part not less as 630 mm.
5. C6-2D
(circular saw universal machine)
Table size 1200x870mm; max saw diameter 500mm rotation frequency 2900 rev/min; power 4,0 kWt.
6. TD200-01
(lathe machine)
Max. diameter of machined part over the machine bed 400mm rotation frequency 600x2400 rev/min (stepped) diameter of faceplate 350mm; power 1,32-1,8 kWt.
7. TD200-04
Pattern support for lathe machine / assembly 21-000CE
Max diameter of machinned part according to the pattern not less then 10 mm; max. length of the machinned part according to pattern not less then 1000 mm.
8. SP4-1
Max. width of the machinned part 400 nun; min/max thickness of the macninned part 5mm/230mm; min. length of the part 300 mm max. thickness of the cutter layer 5mm; diameter of the cutter shaft 95mm; the quantity of cutter 3p.; diameter of cutter shaft 95 mm; rotation frequency of cutter shaft 4200/5200 rev/min; feeding speed 8,2 m/min; power 4,1 kWt.
9. SVPG-1R
(boring-grooving machine)
One table; max. size of groove 125-30-90 mm; 4 variatins of speed 3000-12000 rev/min; oscillation frequency of spindle pro minute 280; power 1,5; max. thickness of the machinned part 125mm; table feeding drive - by hand.
10. SVPG-2A
(boring-grooving machine)
Two tables, max. thickness of the machinned part 125 mm; max. size of groove (slot) 125-30-90mm, rotation frequency of spindle pro minute - 280. Table turning 25, fastening and feeding of machinned part by pneumatics. Power 1,5 kWt.

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