Drilling and grooving machine model SWPG-2A

the machine is intended for grooving and hole drilling in wooden items and can be used in various branches of wood - making industry.

Technical data SVPG-2A:

Maximum thickness of workpieces, mm 125
Maximum diameter of drilled hole (milled groove), mm 30
Maximum depth of drilled hole (milled groove), mm 90
Maximum length of milled groove, mm 125
Maximum distance from spindle axis to table, mm 120
Travers of table, deg. 130
Maximum rotational speed of spindle, r.p.s. 200/100 (12000/6000)
Maximum table feed speed, m/min 3
Installed power, kW 1,5
Working air pressure, MPa 0,4 to 0,6
Maximum compressed air consumption, m3/h 1,0
Dimensions of machine, mm, max 1500 x 710 x 1100
Mass, kg, max 525

We reserve the right to carry out changes aiming at technical improvement.