Single - spindle milling machine with dovetailing carriage model FSSH-1A

the machine is intended for wood-milling along the guides with manual and power feeds, for making simple tenons by means of tenon-faking corriage and for form milling against a tamplet with manual feed. The machine can be used in varius branches of wood-making industry.

Technical data FSSH-1A:

Maximum thickness of work pieces, mm 100
Dimensions of table, mm 1000 x 800
Maximum vertical relative travel of spindle, mm 100
Maximum width of blank mounted on tenon-making carriage with tenon being 100 mm deep, mm 350
Rotational speed of spindle, r.p.m. 3000, 4500, 6000, 9000
Height of table above floor level, mm 250
Diameter of spindle attachment, mm 32
Travel of tenon-making carriage, mm 950
Size of inner Morse taper of spindle 4
Power of spindle motor, kW 4,2
Dimensions of machine, mm, max 1150 x 1200 x 1600
Mass of the machine, kg 880

We reserve the right to carry out changes aiming at technical improvement.